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China International OLEDs Summit organized by DEMAND-LED
The conference is to reflect the Chinese government¡¯s OLED policies, especially on display and lighting, in the coming years. Meanwhile, informative speeches from world leading OLEDs manufacturing, end-users, organic material suppliers and professional organizations will share with the delegates their lessons and experiences on doing business in China market, give delegates a unique channel to make a thorough understanding of China market and the latest research achievements. This summit also aims to providing a communication platform for industry leaders from all over the world to develop their business and meet with potential customers with a group of highly targeted potential customers and partners.
China plays an increasingly important role in global OLED industry with incomparable market demand; however, it's still a long way to go for OLEDs. China International OLEDs Summit 2012 will provide you a good opportunity to identify yourself in the OLED industry, which paves the way for the rapid growth of both the industry and your own business.
For more information, please visit http://www.demand-led.net/OLEDs or contact Mr Nick Zhao at +86 21 2216 8369 or nickz@demand-led.com
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