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Wireless Power World 2012 & China International Energy Harvesting Summit 2012



Wireless Power World 2012

The wireless power industry has an undeniable extremely large opportunity. The global market for wireless charging is expected to reach $7.161 billion in 2017 from $456.86 million in 2011 at an estimated CAGR of 57.46% from 2012 to 2017. We do believe that China will play an important role in global industry with incomparable market demand.

At this moment, the industry needs a platform to discuss the key technologies, applications, standards, safety and especially the business model. So Demand-Led is organizing Wireless Power World 2012 which will be held on Sep. 13th in Shanghai China. We will have a pre-conference Workshop on Sep. 12th on the topic of Design for Reality: Working Together to Create Robust Wireless Charging Systems by Standardization


What to expect at the Wireless Power World 2012:

Ø   Qi Technology Specifications set forth by the Wireless Power Consortium

Ø   Wireless Power & Charging Market outlook, especially Asia market

Ø   End user perspectives, requirements, case studies

Ø   The global standard for wireless charging

Ø   Wireless office & home

Ø   High efficient Wireless power & charging technology introduction

Ø   Panel Discussion: how to drive the wireless charging application in mobile phone market


Co-located Conference: China International Energy Harvesting Summit 2012

In recent years, advanced technical developments have increased the efficiency of devices in capturing trace amounts of energy by using photovoltaic, thermoelectric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, and capacitive schemes. Energy Harvesting devices are therefore potentially attractive as replacements for primary batteries in low power wireless sensor nodes.

Demand-LED is organizing China International Energy Harvesting Summit 2012 to bring together industrial relevant companies, specialists on one platform to discuss past developments, current challenges, applications and future goals in the field of energy harvesting.


We focus on:

Ø  Technology trend and market forecast all over the world especially in China

Ø  Latest technology developments and trends

Ø  Energy Harvesting Product Innovation

Ø  Low Power Electronics & Energy Management

Ø  Application to building automation controls

Ø  Application for healthcare, media, consumer electronics and textiles

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